a spring break roundup

hey everyone!

It’s been a CRAZY last two months, and I’m finally getting the chance to relax a little bit; with no shows for the next two weeks, I’m excited to get down to business and work on some fantastic new material with a couple of upcoming projects.

Coming up first is DMDP news – we had a great time at the Sister Thursday night with Praxeum (who totally killed it – check them out here), and are super excited for the last show of our Sister residency on April 11 at 10pm! We’re still finalizing the bands, but I assure you it will be a loud, raucous good time, and we’re looking forward to seeing you out.

But before that, Paul Barton (check him out here, here and here) is debuting a bunch of his original music on April 7 at Placebo Space. If you’re into instrumental pop played with real horns, happy music, or anything that’s a little new and cool and off the beaten path, you should definitely check it out. On top of that, Placebo Space is a beautiful room to play in and I’m super excited to be back there after the Cityscape’s show last month.

And speaking of Chelsea and the Cityscape – we are playing at the Emmet Ray on April 29, for the early sets – show starts at 7pm and it’s PWYC! We’re super excited to play for you wonderful folks again. And don’t forget – you can like us on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and take us on your iPod. Or, just watch the video here:

And as always, my Upcoming Gigs page has been updated with where I’ll be playing next, so be sure to drop in and say hello. Looking forward to seeing you at the shows!


~ by crymmusic on March 16, 2013.

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