the first of many summer updates

hey everyone!

so there’s lots of stuff in the works right now, and I just wanted to make a you-heard-it-here-first post, so you know, you can hear it here first.

1) DMDP recorded last week & our EP is now in the mixing process – we’re working on the details of a release and such, so stay tuned for more info and previews as things get done!

2) The Socialist Night School returns to the Rex in July, and in anticipation of that, we’re planning to release a live set recorded at our last show – to find out where to get it, check back here before the beginning of June!

3) last but not least, the Chelsea McBride Group has kicked off our residency at the fantastic Placebo Space for the summer, and we love to hang out with you so come say hello at one of our shows – we’re playing the first & third Thursday of every month, and our next show is May 16!

In short, there’s going to be music coming out very soon which will involve you being able to take us on your iPods with you, so stay tuned! And be sure to check out the Upcoming Gigs page if you like to hear us live instead 🙂


~ by crymmusic on May 6, 2013.

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