Chelsea plays jazz in the summer, and other exciting stuff

hello again!

It’s been a while! There’s a ton of playing opportunities that I’ve had come my way this month, so I just wanted to share with you all what I’ve been up to & where you can find me in the next little while:

1) Playing jazz is fun, and I’m making up for not enough of it during school by playing it very, very often during the summer! Catch the Chelsea McBride Group at Placebo Space on the first & third Thursdays of the month at 8pm. Our next show is June 6, and more details are here. We’d love to see you there!

2) Speaking of Placebo Space, I’m guest-hosting the jam on July 3! The plan’s to do a mix of my tunes & other people’s, before I sit back and let other people play all night. I’ve never done this before so I’m really excited for it, and so glad that Colton’s given me the opportunity to try this out. Details for the weekly jam are here, and you should go check it out sometime.

3) And, speaking of the CMG, we’ve also just lined up a drummer-less gig coming up on July 31 at Gate 403! I’ve never played there before, and I’m really excited to do so with the fantastic Brad Cheeseman & Mark Sparling, so if you’re in the neighbourhood, come say hello!

4) Chelsea and the Cityscape return to the Emmet Ray on Sun, June 9 at 9pm to play three sets (THREE SETS) of tunes for you, new and old! I’m so excited to play the Emmet Ray again & bring you more sounds of the city, and we’ve been working hard on the new material so come make it worth our while – show up, drink, listen & enjoy. Details are here.

5) I’ve been working on some exciting stuff with the Socialist Night School, and while most of it will remain under wraps until our EP comes out next year, we ARE going to be releasing a live set sometime in June, which you will be able to download FOR FREE! That’s right. In the meantime, check out our show at the Rex on July 13 – downbeat is 3:30pm, and like the Cityscape, we’ve been working on some new stuff that we’re really excited to share with you so come on down! It’ll be a hang.

6) I’d also just like to share that I’m playing in the pit for the Catholic school board’s staff production of Hairspray, and musicals are really cool. If you’re interested in checking out the run, click here for tickets.

7) Last but not least, I’ve been hanging around Tatsu’s Bread way too much lately. The folks there let Humber students play regularly, and I can be found there about twice a week playing the soundtrack to your morning coffee/lunch spot with some wonderful boys if you’re around.

So that’s the rundown! I’m super excited to be doing all of this, and feeling so lucky to live the life I do right now. Actually, I’m really just feeling a lot of positive vibes in general, so I hope you are too. And I hope to see you out at the show! We’re putting tons of work into making everything really awesome for you, and we always love to see good crowds!

In case I’ve made everything super confusing, check the Upcoming Gigs page for  less confusing details. And as always, I’m looking forward to seeing you at the shows! 🙂


~ by crymmusic on May 30, 2013.

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