hello, 2014!

Happy new year, everyone!

The boys and I put that together for you folks especially 🙂 It’ll be our first gig of the year and my second, as well as my birthday show (!), and you can find details here. I’m kicking off the new year gigs-wise with the Brad Cheeseman Group at the beautiful Placebo Space – and details for that one are here. For a preview:

And as always, the rest of the dates coming up are posted on the Upcoming Gigs page.

I’m taking the next few days off to rest, catch up on things and get a good start on my resolutions. Priority #1: getting back on a normal sleep schedule! Then, healthy diet (read: more veggies!), and getting a little daily exercise. I’ve been lax with taking care of myself lately, and I want to make sure I start 2014 off right! What are your resolutions? Or do you not buy into that sort of thing?

Either way, happy new year – best wishes for 2014 – and I hope to see you at a show very soon! 🙂

~ by crymmusic on January 1, 2014.

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