original music is the best thing ever

So now that it’s almost April, I figure it’s about time to let you all know what I’ve been up to & what’s coming next, but I wanted to say a couple of quick words of gratitude before I do all that…

Most of last month’s gigs were playing other people’s really amazing music, and I’ve realized it’s pretty much the best. I love that there are so many talented composers in this city that I get to both check out and play with, and being involved in even just a few of these projects is so much fun for me. There’s nothing like having people bring your musical vision (and occasionally, the innermost workings of your mind) to life, and it’s such a wonderful challenge to be a part of that – especially when it’s not the innermost workings of my own mind!

So if you managed to catch Tom Upjohn’s Conundrum, the Brad Cheeseman Group, or the DC Sound Collective last month, thanks for coming out & supporting these guys – playing their tunes makes me really happy, and I’m glad I could share that with you & them! And if you’ve never heard of these guys, keep an eye out; the Conundrum and DCSC are currently on hiatus writing new tunes and such, but you can/really, really should catch the Brad Cheeseman Group at the Rex debut on April 29 – details here.

This month, I’ll be focusing a little bit more on my own stuff – the Socialist Night School is very, very close to putting out our first record, and the Cityscape (after a very successful “hey we’re back!” gig last month!) will be playing with some friends new & old. So here’s a few highlights…

  • Chelsea and the Cityscape is pleased to share the stage with the Graham Ko Project and Alanna Matty at our 3030 debut on April 24! Details are here.
  • The Chelsea McBride Group is making another appearance at Habits Gastropub & playing a few standards for you, so if you’re looking for a new date spot, this is the place to check out on April 11! Details here.
  • Mark your calendar: the Socialist Night School releases our album May 17 at the Rex!
  • DMDP will be playing PULP: paper art party once again! We’re still working out the details, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted, because we’ve been away for a while & we’re really excited to play for you all again!
  • ICYMI: Brad Cheeseman Group at the Rex.
  • Continuing the original music theme, if you’re into Mike Stern, I’m really pumped for this: he’s gonna be at Humber College this week (from Wed-Fri) doing a few clinics, and there is of course a big showcase concert on the Friday night! I’ll be playing tenor, clarinet, bass clarinet, and fangirl, so seriously…just be there.

And, as always, check out the Upcoming Gigs page to find out where else you can catch me in the next bit.

More updates to follow; stay tuned!


~ by crymmusic on April 1, 2014.

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