happy graduation to me!

Okay, so I have a bunch of super exciting announcements to make.

The first one being the obvious: I’m so excited to say I’ve made it to the end of my degree! Thanks to Humber College, the faculty, and the students for being generally awesome and welcoming me into the family. I’m really proud to be a part of it, and super excited to get that B.Mus at convocation with you wonderful folks in June.

And on that same note, I’ve been fortunate enough to leave school as the recipient of two fantastic scholarships. Thanks so much to the donors of the Jazz FM 91 Scholarship (through Humber College) & the George Linton Music Scholarship (through the Toronto Rehab Institute)! I’m so honoured to receive these awards; it’s so encouraging to see that people believe in me and what I can do, and I’m just full of gratitude for the whole thing. 🙂

As if that wasn’t enough to be excited about, there’s more news:

  • The Socialist Night School album release is LESS THAN THREE WEEKS AWAY! Watch me talk a bunch here, pre-order the whole thing here, and find the event details here. We can’t wait to see you at the Rex on May 17!
  • Chelsea & the Cityscape, after a fantastic night at 3030, are so excited to be playing the Toronto Jazz Fest! The show is on Thursday, June 19 at Habits Gastropub – we play from 9-midnight. Cover’s $10.
  • I’ve got one more big gig this month, and that’s with the always-wonderful Brad Cheeseman Group at our Rex debut. Music starts at 9:30; details here.

Needless to say – there’s a ton of stuff going on, and I’m super excited. This is a really fantastic way to celebrate graduation, and I hope I can share it with some of you – hope to see you at a show! 🙂

~ by crymmusic on April 27, 2014.

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