September news…

I am so excited to announce that Chelsea and the Cityscape will be live-streaming our next show! If you don’t live in Toronto, this is a great opportunity to hear us live, and if you DO live in Toronto…we’ll be streaming directly from the Tranzac, which is one of our favourite spaces in the city, and we’d love to see a crowd. The show is four weeks from yesterday! You can stream the show here and get details on Facebook here. It’s PWYC, wherever you are.

Additionally, the Chelsea McBride Group, after a successful show at the PEC Jazz Festival last month, is pleased to kick off a three month residency in just six days at Habits Gastropub! We’ll be there on the second Friday of the month from now until November. Details for the first show can be found here.

And of course, if you wanna know what else I’m up to this month…

  • TONIGHT: Saturday September 6, 8:15pm. I’ll be joining 19 of the city’s finest saxophonists in a performance of Kyle Brenders’ “Haphazard Hinges.” If you, like me, are really into saxophonists showing off the cool things saxophones can do, you should come and check it out.
  • Saturday, September 27: In three weeks, I’m so excited to be taking the stage with the ladies of Elton Joan! We’ll be playing Elton John & 70s tunes you love to hear all night long. Tickets for this show are available here.

As always, the Upcoming Gigs page is updated frequently – check it out for more info.

See you at the show 🙂

~ by crymmusic on September 6, 2014.

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