the revised October roundup

So it’s been nothing short of crazy around here, but I’m super excited to announce a few exciting things that are very recently confirmed…

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out/tuned into Chelsea and the Cityscape’s live-streamed show Oct 3, and to the Socialist Night School’s Rex return on Thanksgiving Monday! Both ensembles will be performing again once more before the year is out…you can catch the Cityscape at the Emmet Ray on November 24 at 9pm (details here), and the Socialist Night School is doing a special show featuring my writing only (a rare occurrence for this band) at Gallery 345 on December 5 at 8pm (details here).

The Chelsea McBride Group has been enjoying a recent string of fun performances, including a residency at Habits Gastropub which wraps up on November 14 – you can find details for that here. But we’re also thrilled to be part of the 120 Diner’s new brunch series, with two performances from 11am-3pm on October 19 (details here) and November 16. So if you’re a brunch person, this is the performance to catch!

And: the newly formed Koopa Troop is making its debut on Halloween night! We’re a five-piece video game cover band playing all of your favourites from classic video game series such as Mario, Metroid, Sonic, Banjo Kazooie, and many more. We’ve got two shows coming up – the first is a Halloween pre-party, happening early Halloween night so you can get to whatever other plans you had. Music starts at 5, and I’ll be playing with the DC Sound Collective that night as well. Details here.

See you at a show!

~ by crymmusic on October 16, 2014.

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