Happy new year! (two weeks late)

Well, I’m back – you’re back – happy new year! Here’s hoping the holidays treated you as well as they treated me.

I’ve got some exciting stuff coming up, so here’s what you should know:

  • I’m celebrating my birthday with the wonderful boys in the Koopa Troop this weekend! We have two shows: Friday at Placebo Space, details here, and Sunday in Dundas at Oddfellows Hall, details here. We’ll be playing all your favourite video game music, and a few of our favourites too.
  • Two weeks tomorrow, I’ll be playing some tunes with some old classmates, Steve Dale & Hayden Farrar. That’s at Gate 403, details here.
  • The Socialist Night School returns! We’ll be at the Rex Saturday, January 31, details are here.
  • I’ll be making my compositional debut with Spectrum Music on February 7. “Starry Night” features a stellar (pun intended) lineup of musicians, all-new compositions, and will leave you with some big questions about the universe – or maybe, some big answers. Details for that can be found on Spectrum’s website here, where you can also purchase tickets for the concert. Additionally, artistic director Ben Dietschi just posted about the piece he’s composing for the concert, which looks really cool – I’ll be following suit once I finish writing my piece!

In between all these things, I’m headed into the studio a couple of times over the next little while to be a part of some really exciting recording projects, so stay tuned for more news on those as it becomes available.

Hope to see you at a show!

~ by crymmusic on January 14, 2015.

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