The gig roundup: July 23-29 (festival edition, part 2?)

This summer’s busy: between a trip to Vancouver and a trip to NYC, I’ll have just 10 days back in Toronto to clear my head/make things happen. The good news is: most of the things that will be happening are music. Come see me play at all these exciting places:

July 23 & 24, 7-11pm: Turbo Street Funk at Beaches Jazz Festival (in front of Beach’s Hardware)

Streetfest at Beaches is easily one of my favourite parts of the summer now that I live in Toronto – if not my favourite part of summer, period. Come see me bust out some serious dance moves!

July 25, 10am-2pm: Koopa Troop at ConBravo

Are you coming to ConBravo? Are you in Hamilton, but just wanna see the Koopa Troop? We’ll be playing outside the registration lineup – come say hello to us, and check out my fancy new princess costume, which is pretty much the best thing ever.

July 25, 9pm: Koopa Troop, Bump City, and Skirt Check at Homegrown Hamilton (details here)

Yup, that’s right: more Koopa Troop! Come out, dance and drink and be merry with us.

July 26, 7pm: Turbo Street Funk at Pan Am Supercrawl, Hamilton

We’ll be taking the stage just after dinner to play tunes you know and love. Come celebrate the end of the Pan Am Games with us!

July 27, 9:30pm: Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School at the Rex (details here)

We’re back – old favourites, tunes you didn’t know you liked, and something silly thrown in there just because. If you missed us at Nathan Phillips Square, don’t miss us now!

July 29, 5-8pm: Chelsea McBride Group at Gate 403 (details here)

Chris Platt and Brad Cheeseman and I play standards, a few originals, and take requests. Spend your dinner hour with us.

July 29, 9:30pm: Paul Barton’s As We Must & Kate MacLean at the Holy Oak (details here)

I’ll be breaking out the bass clarinet to play some really, really beautiful music (that you can listen to right here). Come hear Paul pour his heart to a live audience, supported by the ever-wonderful Nate Smith & Abigail Neale. Kate MacLean starts the night off, and you can buy her album here and it’s amazing. I have talented, wonderful friends.

BONUS: August 1, 9:30pm: Earth’s Yellow Sun CD release listening party at the Central (details here)

I am thrilled that this project is finally going to be out to the public! I won’t be at the listening party, but you can hear me on the mean bari sounds somewhere between the guitars and the bass. This CD has been a serious investment of time and energy on the part of the EYS boys, and I can’t think of a better way for you to come support it than to go and buy a copy. Live performances of this are in the works, but you can hear the 25-minute suite in its recorded glory for the first time here. So don’t miss out!

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