Happy new year/the gig roundup: January edition!

Hey everyone, happy new year! Hope everyone had as lovely a holiday as I did.

Now that I’m back, somewhat rested & recharged, I’m thrilled to be jumping straight into the thick of it by making music with lots of cool people…

January 7 (that’s two days from now!) I’ll be playing at the Rex with the Brad Cheeseman Group, for those into contemporary jazz with heart. Details here.

January 9 marks the Koopa Troop’s first gig of the new year, and also our first show in too long with the boys of Snaggle. Details here, but it promises to be a ridiculous time.

January 14 I’m celebrating my birthday a little early with Chelsea and the Cityscape and the Koopa Troop – details for that here.

January 15 I’ll be feeling the crushing depression that comes with aging at the Corktown with Skirt Check, Soul Finger, and the Koopa Troop. (yes, all three bands!) I’m super excited to make more music with them. All the details are here.

January 21, I’m working on new tunes that I will hopefully be able to play with Chris Platt and Irene Harrett, also informally known as the Chelsea McBride Group. Details here.

And last but not least: Chelsea and the Cityscape full length album, coming up in the late spring/early summer. And Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School will be back in action sooner than you think, so stay tuned for more news 🙂

~ by crymmusic on January 5, 2016.

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