Website update? Exciting new things?

There is nothing like a day off to reset/recalibrate/get all your ducks in order, so here’s what I’m excited to share with you:

  • I’m thrilled to have joined the wonderful and crazy Hamiltonians behind Skirt Check and Soul Finger; stay tuned for more posts about me making music with them.
  • New photos! Evan Shay did some really nice work making me look good; stay tuned for these, all around the site.
  • The video page is now officially up as well; this is the best place to find all of our recent videos.
  • Show announcements/reminders:
    • On February 6, Spectrum Music presents Literary Landscapes, a musical escape into worlds within pages. This features Brad Cheeseman on bass and selections from his new album/suite Figurants, available February 1, as well as new compositions from Tyler Emond, Andrew McAnsh, Jay Vazquez and – of course – yours truly. Tickets are available at!
    • On February 19, the crazy wonderful people of Skirt Check are releasing their brand new EP, officially! Come get it at Corktown’s Soul Train Sessions.
    • On February 20, my Socialist Night School returns to the Rex to bring you stories, familiar songs, and new songs. Always with the new songs. Details here.

And of course, in a little bit, I’ll be sending out my email newsletter for the month, in which you’ll hear more about Chelsea and the Cityscape’s upcoming album as well as the usual spiel about what I’m up to. In the meantime, though, hope to see you at a show 🙂

~ by crymmusic on January 26, 2016.

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