Spectrum Music presents: Literary Landscapes

I am so thrilled to be lead-producing my first concert with Spectrum Music tomorrow – Saturday, February 6 – at the Alliance Francaise de Toronto Theatre at 24 Spadina Road.

The concert is Literary Landscapes, an adventure into worlds within pages. Composers Brad Cheeseman, Tyler Emond, Andrew McAnsh, Jay Vazquez and myself have written you on adventures into Narnia, Westeros, Middle Earth, 1984’s Oceania, and the world of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. The ensemble features Brad Cheeseman on bass, Nick Fraser on drums, Thom Gill on guitar, Juan Olivares on clarinet and bass clarinet, Tara Davidson on soprano and alto saxophones, Shannon Graham on tenor saxophone, and Aidan Sibley on trombone. And to open the night, Annette Mocek from the Toronto Public Library’s Merill Collection will be leading a pre-concert discussion on speculative fiction, centred around the idea of “what if things were different?”

For more details about the concert, click here. Tickets are available online or at the door. Looking forward to seeing some friendly faces there!

~ by crymmusic on February 5, 2016.

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