Spectrum Music: Tales from the Deep Blue

I’m getting so excited for Spectrum Music’s first concert of the season! Find out more below…

What lies in the murky depths below? The turn of the 20th century brought with it a fascination with one of the Earth’s deepest, darkest mysteries: the ocean. Scientists have better maps of Mars than they do of the ocean that covers 70% of our planet, and composers from Debussy to Herbie Hancock have found inspiration from what lies in and below the deep blue seas.

The Spectrum composers create new pieces based on some of Earth’s most out-of-this-world species, a myriad of unusual geographic features, and even lost historical artifacts. This newly-minted music will be brought to life by the eclectic Shaw Street Collective. Toronto’s very own koto-playing indie singer-songwriter Jessica Stuart makes her composer debut, with the world premiere of her piece “Behind the Waves”.

Shaw Street Collective is:

Anthony Savidge – Marimba
Emma Rowlandson-O’Hara – Trumpet
Mikolaj Debowski – Trombone
Alyssa Ramsay – Cello


Azulada by Shannon Graham
A Meeting with Poseidon by Chelsea McBride
The Nine Daughters of Aegir by Edwin Sheard
Behind the Waves by Jessica Stuart
La Sirena Ventura by Jay Vazquez
The Gold Coast by Mason Victoria

Get your tickets here for what is sure to be an excellent show!

~ by crymmusic on November 4, 2016.

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