Reviews & interviews

35 Best Canadian Jazz Musicians Under 35, June 2017

Rags to Reasonable, “Budgeting Bipolar”, May 2017

Jazz da Gama, April 2017:

All About Jazz, April 2017:

The Epoch Times, April 4, 2017:

Jazz Weekly, March 2017:

Improvijazzation Nation, March 2017:

The WholeNote, March 2017:

KUCI, February 2017:

Jazz Buzz, February 2017:

Best of Bandcamp January 2017:

The Best New Jazz on Bandcamp: January 2017

Mike Greenblatt’s review of “The Twilight Fall” in the Aquarian Weekly:

Ivan Rod’s review of “The Twilight Fall” on Salt Peanuts:

Textura, “The Twilight Fall’ review:

Textura, Five Questions with Chelsea McBride:

The Whole Note, February 2017:

Steptempest review, January 2017:

Stereogum feature, January 2017:

Peter Hum’s review of “The Twilight Fall”, January 15, 2017:

Chelsea McBride's Socialist Night School CD reviewed

Ivan Rod’s review of “The Twilight Fall”, January 13, 2017:

The Globe and Mail’s article for the CD release of “The Twilight Fall”, January 13, 2017

Transcript of interview with Bill King, January 12, 2017:

Midwest Record’s review of “The Twilight Fall”, December 30, 2016:

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