Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School

“State of Mind/Arrival of the Pegasus” (live)

“The Twilight Fall” (live)

“Something Simple” (live)

Chelsea and the Cityscape

“Clarity” (live)

“Radio Song” (live)

The Koopa Troop

“Bob-Omb Battlefield” (live)

“Super Mario 64 Medley” (for Mario 30th Anniversary Competition)

“Toad’s Turnpike” (ConBravo)

The Achromatics

Spectrum Music

“Reflections on Home” (Literary Landscapes)

“Fernao, Mendes? Minto!” (Tracing One Warm Line)

“Esprits de Nuit” (Your Wish Is Our Concert)

“Island Song” (Christine Duncan’s Vocal Jazz Ensemble)

“The View Beyond” (Starry Night)

Other videos

Chelsea McBride on Double Booked, March 2017

TD Discovery Series Interview – Chelsea McBride

Welcome Back Show – “Manatee’s Waltz” (live)

“(Don’t Want) True Love” – comp. Sheila Soares, arr. Chelsea McBride


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