All albums are listed in reverse chronological order…happy listening!

As leader:

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School – Aftermath

A concept album about conflict and its unintended consequences.

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School – The Twilight Fall (Browntasauras Records)

The debut full-length release from Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School takes you through the life cycle – and emotional journey – of a daydreaming commuter.

Chelsea and the Cityscape – What I Do

Chelsea and the Cityscape’s first full-length release. Sounds of the city, and the people who inhabit it.

Chelsea and the Cityscape – Reinvent

Two tunes to bring in the summer, from your new favourite jazz-pop band.

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School s/t

This album is dedicated to the late Jeremy Hepner. Without your influence, this album wouldn’t exist. Rest in peace.

Chelsea and the Cityscape – Cityscape EP

the Cityscape’s first release; a snapshot of the city.
As sideperson:
Humber Studio Jazz Ensemble – All Blues (2015)
Vermillion Skye – Security Theatre (2014)
Wilson McLeish – Cyberban (2014)
Humber Student Ensemble – New Standards Vol. 15 (2014)
Steve John Dale Quartet – Steve John Dale Quartet EP (2014)