The rhythms are steady-on and the arrangements are cut as precisely as puzzle pieces… It’s a masterful piece of work descended from the school of Gil Evans with its lush harmonies and arrangements. – Dave Luhrssen – Shepherd Express

Like fellow Canadian Darcy James Argue, saxophonist and composer Chelsea McBride uses the anachronistic medium of big band to paint a subversive picture of modern music and politics. On her third release featuring her ensemble Socialist Night School, McBride continues down the dystopian path set by her previous release The Twilight Fall, featuring a cavalcade of styles and influences, a steady guide in the smooth pipes of Alex Samaras, and a world wracked by revolution and con artists but perhaps preserved by love. – Nick Cusworth – Heavy Blog is Heavy

The composer has previously shown promise and talent embracing a classic big band sound and focusing it through a lens of the modern scene. But Aftermath is an entirely new high. There is a focus to its huge statements, wild inspirations, and bold leaps that wasn’t quite there before. The difference between now and, say, the solid 2017 release The Twilight Fall, is the way one piece snaps into place with the next; rather than the album feeling like a fascinating collection of pieces, there is a sense of grand vision—a guiding hand that steers events from the very first moment until the grand finale. This is one of the very best big band recordings of 2019. – Dave Sumner – Bandcamp Daily

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